Be part of something

Thank you to all the voluteers for helping make light work

Be The Light

Ignite the future through knowledge

Why Volunteer

These may be of interest to you

Impact Creation

Making change in the community or the industry - get to play a role in building better communities or processes.

Leadership Skills

A chance to lead something big, be challenged towards a sense of fulfilment by making light work.

Networking Opportunities

Get to work with likeminded people, build relationships and set prospects for future growth collaborative opportunities.

Access To Programmes

From tech events to networking programmes - Geekulcha will provide with access where possible for growth and enlightenment needs.

Geekulcha Merch

Be provided with Geekulcha's merchandise from time to time, and be live up to the Geek Kulcha. Travel opportunities also included.

Learning Experience

Learn some of the synergies and the apply them in your own setting for growth. This may include software projects development.