2024 Nominations (CLOSED)

Recognising local talent, herewith the Top 15 Young Geeks
that mean business within the local Geek Culture.

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The Top 15 Young Geeks

Geekulcha exists to create and enable platforms for innovation and creativity through tech excitation at a contextualised and developmental approach. The 2024 edition of Top 15 Young Geeks will recognise geeks that mean business in their work and ultimately, also set strides towards creating business sound solutions towards new ventures or enterprising mankind.

For the first time, the 25 finalists will present before a panel of judges for adjudication process with a 10 minutes presentation.

2024 FOCUS THEME: Against Geekulcha's focus theme, Top 15 Young Geeks that mean business will be drive to recognize techies that are creating lucrative and business sound solutions.

Rules for the nominations:

The nominee must 35 years old and/or under by 01 June 2024

One may nominate themselves (self nomination)

The Geekulcha team may be nominated but not Geekulcha directors

Nominee be living servicing and living in South Africa

Past winners will not be considered again

No cash prizes are given as part of the recognition but there may be sponsored prizes by the tech community.

The 2024 Timelines

The following are the dates to note with regards to the Top 15 Young Geeks of 2024 nomination process.

Nominations Open

A call for nominations of the Top 15 Young Geeks of 2024 is open to the public for one to nominate themselves or others.

Public Engament

Get to know more about the Top 15 Young Geeks and past winners.


The 2024 nominations will officially close at 23:59 on the 30th of April 2024.


Top 25 nominations will selected from the screening process, filtering all key requirements.

Adjudication Period

All 25 finalists will present before a panel of judges to present why they should be selected as part of the Top 15 Young Geeks 2024.


All the 15 winners will be annunced and profiled through various platforms.