Top 15 Young Geeks 2021 Nominations

The Geekulcha platform aims to play a role in South Africa’s vision 2030 National Development plan. The aim is to grow the country’s digital skills capacity.

As part of the youth month programme in June, Geekulcha will name and honor the Top 15 Young Geeks in South Africa. These are the minds that will play a key role in the Digital Revolution of the continent.

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What's this about?

As South Africa live upon the vision 2030 of the Natioal Development Plan, it's important to grow the Digital Skills capacity. The country must assess and highlight efforts on the ground and empower those driving change for a better digital future.

The role of Geekulcha in this journey is to create and enable platforms for Innovation and Creativity. In this regard, the organization also seek to showcase the shifts and health of the South Africa Geek Culture.

During the Youth Month, Geekulcha name and honor Top 15 Young Geeks in South Africa. These are the minds marking their stamp and playing a greater role in the Digital Revolution. These are Geeks who have been identified as being a role player in the transformation.

One gets nominated and selected to be on the list based on the work they had been doing and contributing the SA tech ecosystem.

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Intent and Mantra

Why we created the #Top15YoungGeeks initiative.

A check on the health of the South Africa Geek Culture, work being done, shortfalls and future forecast.

Help Profile

Highlighting the needs of local Geeks and Highlighting the needs for support to nurture young talent.

Support Geeks

A quest to help young school learners see what is possible and build up same energy and stamina on them.

Explore Future

Nominate A Geek

Know of a very cool who has been doing the most in the previous year? Nominate them for the Geekulcha Top 15 Young Geeks in South Africa for the year 2021.

#Top15YoungGeeks Timelines

Here is a schedule of activities for the Top 15 Young Geeks 2021 edition

01 Jan 2020

Nominations Open

The public may start nominating their faves for the Top 15 Young Geeks edition for 2020.

31 Mar 2020

Nominations Close

After a period of nominating faves, nominations closes.

09 Apr 2020

25 Finalists

The nominations list gets narrowed down to 25 geeks who will then need to motivate their stance.

01 May 2020


A panel of judges will go through the 25 shortlisted geeks to find the Top 15 Young Geeks.

01 Jun 2020

The Announcement

To mark youth month, Geekulcha will announce the Top 15 Young Geeks for 2020.

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