Geekulcha and NCDev Ecosystem Partnership

Here is an outline of what Geekulcha has done with NCDev Ecosystem in the tech/digital ecosystem. As a player in Community, NCDev Ecosystem is seen as a strategic for the partnership to help grow the Geek Culture.

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About NCDev Ecosystem

NCDev Ecosystem is a Localized Geekulcha platform, a platform for ICT Students to connect, learn, share and put skills to real use. The Northern Cape Developer (NCDev) Ecosystem platform was established to build a developer/maker momentum in the province in 2015.

Mission: The Northern Cape must become one of the strong leaders in the ICT space within South Africa and be a home of Innovation, Adequate Skills Pool and drivers of the growing Tech-Enabled world.

Vision: Establishing a highly active Developer/Maker Ecosystem in the Northern Cape for a Smart and Inclusive Economy while realizing a socio-economical value.

Partnership Programmes

Provincial Hackathons

Youth ICT and Business VacWork