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Paballo was born in Mamelodi (Pretoria East) but rised in Soshanguve (Pretoria North). A lover of music of which he enjoys spending time with his DJ friends and also plays music at Geekulcha Hackathons to keep the geeks up active in building solutions.

He is driven by passion and living the best experience of seeing others grow in their own setting. Paballo has mentored a lot of young people and female who navigating into the world of ICT.

In his high school days, Paballo always wanted to become an Economist but found a new passion afterwards. Got exposure and skills in systems support and then later joined Geekulcha where provides systems support and applications development.


#gkVacWork in Carnavon

Business Model

MTN App of the Year

Judging and selection of applications

WRC Hackathon

Water and Sanitation

Geekulcha Annual Hackathon

Continental Hackathon

South Africa, we have a plan...

Sharing what he has learned in the IT space with others is what he wants to achieve.

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