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Navigating The Digital Marketing Game

Based in Pretoria is the founder of FikileM Advertising Agency. A Digital Content creator, a marketer and happy to officially intern with Geekulcha in their digital office.

Brief background, her journey started at the Geekulcha VacWork back in 2015. After her matric which was around 2017, she started doing some cool stuff with the Geekulcha team.

She got certified in Digital Marketing and founded her business the very same year. From then till now, she's been one of the fingers behind the Geekulcha social media pages, driving content through social media live chatting at Hackathons and Tech-trainings.

Fikile has passion to disrupt the digital space by bringing fresh, new, quality content to help businesses and brands reach their business goal through digital content marketing.

Drawing insparation from Lebo Lion

Fikile believes that Lebo has become the voice of SMMEs and well known for her podcast which she shares great insights into digital marketing for businesses of all sizes, help address relevant, real life problems businesses come across and give her expert advice accordingly.

She shares quality content, passionately engages with everyone and has marked herself as an authoritative figure in what she does i.e. Digital Marketing, hence her PR is on point. Inspired by how she uses her personal brand to fuel her businesses.


Cell C Innovation Challenge

Cell C, in partnership with Seda, is looking for participants to submit innovative business ideas relevant to the Information and Communications Technology Sector. The product and/or solution presented needs to be a digital, next generation, commercially viable, scalable product/service utilising mobile technologies and fall within the ICT sector.

Ayoba Hackathon

Ayoba is a messaging platform, with support to channels, payments, bots and micro apps/service agents. It is localised for African and Middle East consumer needs.

Ayoba, together with the UCTGSB Solution Space and Geekulcha, hosted a virtual hackathon on 03 - 06 April for South African developers. The event aims to introduce the opening of Ayoba as a platform for developers and the MicroApp to 3rd parties.

Top 5 teams from the virtual Hackathon then competed for a Top spot for the grand prizes at a guided virtual participation platform.

WRC Hackathon

The Water Research Commission (WRC) was established in terms of the Water Research Act (Act No 34 of 1971), following a period of serious water shortage. It was deemed to be of national importance to generate new knowledge and to promote the country’s water research purposefully, owing to the view held that water would be one of South Africa’s most limiting factors in the 21st century.


Solving technical problems in new and innovative ways. The approach of a hackathon is very constructive, and young programmers work to solve real problems and create a useful and tangible solutions during these events.

Geekulcha Annual Hackathon

Putting Skills Into Real Use - This Hackathon seeks to build capacity in terms of new skills and also help the teams understand and outline policy and regulations in the process.

Whether it's Civic Tech, business/enterprise, communal based solutions, GKHack challenges local techies and innovators to build with sustainability in mind.

#GKHack15 in Photos

South Africa, we have a plan...

Her plan is not only to promote business and help them reach their goals, but to also help individuals learn how to use digital platforms for their career as well.

She is currently working on an action plan to help mentor young people especially, use digital platforms to build their career, and network.

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