The Geekulcha Crew

Building the Geek Culture


Team behind the culture

Mixo Ngoveni

Business Digital

The CEO of Geekulcha leading the vision and business development.

Tiyani Nghonyama

Operations CTO

COO of Geekulcha, implementing the vision of Geekulcha nationally.

Skinny Kgwedi

GKSS Community

Systems Developer and providing support to the Geekulcha Community.

Charlotte Wu

Telecommunications Digital

Reasearch and Development lead looking at digital access programmes.

Gabriel Cassim

Gabriel Cassim

Open Source Development

Mobile development, data and information literacy drive.

Fikile Mlangeni

Fikile Mlangeni

Social Media Content

Driving Geekulcha digital activities to keep the the Geeks informed.

Paballo Monareng

Paballo Monareng

Development Skills

Geekulcha portals development and support for the community.

Sina Legong

Sina Legong

Community #FemaleGeeks

Coordination support for the programmes.

Keitumetsi Tsotetsi

Keitumetsi Tsotetsi

Security Industries

Secure By Design and info security skills development drive.